Bomet County has rolled out the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) programme that will benefit upto 10,000 indigent families during this 2021/2022 financial year.
Speaking during the function, Governor Dr Hillary Barchok assured residents that the selection process was done in a fair, transparent and participatory manner to ensure that the intended beneficiaries meet the required criteria.
“In a bid to significantly reduce the out-of-pocket payment for health care, the Bomet-Universal Health Coverage NHIF support program will initially cover 8,667 needy families with a view to increase the beneficiaries to 10,000” Dr. Barchok said.
He added that the beneficiary list was cleaned to check for double registration.
Access to quality health is a human right, anchored in the Bill of Rights in the Kenyan Constitution. Every citizen is entitled to the fundamental right to the highest attainable standards of health. The Universal Health Coverage (UHC) agenda seeks to deliver on this right.
The County Government has set aside ksh. 60 million to meet the cost of health insurance under the support to the vulnerable program in the current financial year.
In line with the Big 4 Agenda’s affordable health care for all, Bomet universal health coverage seeks to achieve access to equitable and quality health services in the county to mitigate the brunt of meeting huge medical expenses especially during these hard times that we are grappling with the Covid19 pandemic.
Bomet County has laid down measures in place to make this programme attainable and sustainable.
The county government has laid down an elaborate community health strategy that will utilize the 2,640 health volunteers as integral part of our health system.