The longstanding dispute between the County Government of Bomet and the Prisons Department over a parcel of land in Bomet town has been resolved amicably. This follows the mediation of the Inter-Governmental Relations Technical Committee, led by Chairman CPA Kithinji Kiragu.

Addressing a press conference after the meeting, Bomet County Governor Prof Hillary Barchok stated that the resolution will allow the relocation of the dumpsite to pave the way for the ongoing affordable housing project. He thanked the IGRTC, Bomet County Commissioner Dr Ahmed Omar, and the National Lands Commission led by Reginal Okumu for championing the talks in the best interest of the people of Bomet.

The two parties agreed on the following:

  1. The Bomet Prisons department will continue farming on 10.3 acres of their land, as appears in the 2001 fiscal plan of the then municipality. The extra acreage will be surrendered to the County Government of Bomet as determined by a survey exercise.
  2. The two parties, alongside other interested parties, including St. Michaels Primary and Secondary School and Bomet University, will jointly carry out a survey of the entire parcel of land to demarcate the 10.3 acres meant for the prison.
  3. The survey will commence next week and should be concluded within the shortest time to allow the affordable housing project to proceed.