Bomet has set aside Ksh 55 million emergency relief kitty for material and foodstuff support for 10,000 vulnerable households whose socioeconomic well-being has been affected by Covid-19 in the county, on Thursday.

Dr. Barchok, also called upon wellwishers and development partners to join his administration efforts in mobilizing resources, both material and financial, towards assisting the vulnerable families

in the society. Committees comprising of chiefs, county administrators, religious leaders, women, persons with disabilities and youth representatives, across the county, have been tasked to identify households eligible to receive the relief food. The list of beneficiaries shall be made public for the purposes of transparency and accountability. Governor Barchok called upon anyone wishing to make direct donation to the affected households to do it through the set-out channels, which include seeking clearance from the County Commissioner’s office, to ensure the food donated is safe for human consumption.

The Governor Weekly Edition