Lelaitich Sweet Potato Processing Plant Receives New Equipment

Lelaitich Sweet Potato Processing plant is one of the flagship value addition projects undertaken by the County Government of Bomet in partnership with the World Vision Kenya through the Department of Cooperatives and Enterprise Development. On maximum capacity, the plant processes 4 metric tonnes of sweet potatoes daily, equivalent to 4,000 pieces of assorted bread.

10,000 Indigent Families To Benefit From The Bomet – UHC Support

10,000 INDIGENT FAMILIES TO BENEFIT FROM THE BOMET – UHC SUPPORT Bomet County has rolled out the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) programme that will benefit upto 10,000 indigent families during this 2021/2022 financial year. Speaking during the function, Governor Dr Hillary Barchok assured residents that the selection process was done in a fair, transparent and…