Eng Joseph Kiprono Terer is an accomplished executive and initiative driven leader keen with a proven track record of performance turnaround and effective management of engineering projects. With a background in Agricultural Engineering, Terer gained over 25 years of practical experience in agricultural engineering projects, water and environment projects.

Eng Joseph Kiprono Terer is a holder of a Diploma and BSc. degree in Agricultural Engineering of Egerton University and M.Phil in Environmental Studies (Planning and Management) of Moi University. He joined Kenya’s Public Service as a Soil and Water Conservation Officer and has been involved in soil and water conservation activities aimed at tackling land degradation, low agricultural productivity, water pollution and rising poverty. Upon joining the Nile Basin Initiative in 2006, he worked as Project Officer for Mara Transboundary Integrated Water Resources Management and development Project before being promoted in 2008 as Project Manager to head the Project Management Unit in Musoma Tanzania.

 While working for Nile Basin Initiative, he established offices, set up structures, and ensured prudent management of personnel and financial resources. He also supervised feasibility studies and environmental and social impact assessment studies for water engineering projects in Mara River basin that included design  and finance mobilization for Bomet Water Supply and Sewerage Project, prefeasibility study for Mugango dam, feasibility study and detailed design of Norera dam in Amalo river, prepared of five Sub Catchment Management Plans in the Mara River Basin  and helped in finance mobilization for implementation. He also prepared a multi-million implementation plan for forest adjacent areas along Maasai Mau and Transmara forest blocks of Bomet and Narok Counties.

In 2016, he joined Kericho Water and Sanitation Company as a Managing Director where he enhanced financial controls and performance management. He was instrumental in turning around the company through  strict  financial  controls,  raising worker’s morale, use of technology to identify areas of water loses through illegal connection, efficient repair of bursts and leaks. Key success was appointment of Debt  Recovery  Team,  Non-Revenue  Water  Team, and enforcing penalties on illegal consumers. He helped motivate staff to work as a team which resulted in excellent performance in corporate management. He has wide exposure having been involved in international delegation and study tours in Africa, Europe, China and South East Asia.  Eng Terer is currently the CECM for Roads, Transport and Public Works in Bomet County.

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