Education, Sports, Culture, and Social Services Education

Education is the pillar of a Nation. With an educated society even the use of our farms become more profitable. We intend to embrace new farming technologies and a keener eye for new farming products. Our education apart from giving us a background on how to communicate and do simple arithmetic must be improved to impart on our children practical skills based on their individual unique abilities. I Plan to invest in the construction of new schools including village polytechnics, Technical colleges and a university. I seek to increase the amount of monies that goes to bursaries to supplement the current budget and assist our needy but bright children achieve their dreams. We must assist everyone in the community so that when the minimum earning capacity is increased then our community’s general well being will be guaranteed.

One of the reasons for high poverty levels in the county is due to high levels of illiteracy. To eliminate poverty and to improve the standards of living, there is need to reduce the levels of illiteracy and to empower the residents through education of children, youth and the old. This will be done through the establishment and improvement of existing institutions to facilitate education in the entire county.

These include;

  • Early Childhood Development Centres.
  • Adult Education centres.
  • Vocational Training centers/ Polytechnics.
  • Home crafts centers, with modern hatcheries, which enable each member to take home at least twenty chicks every month.

Culture, sports and social services Sports

I am aware that our youth harbour various artistic and sporting talents. I will seek for upgrade Bomet Stadium into a modern sports facility. I will also strive to build social centres within the counties to give our youth a chance to socialise and realise their artistic and sporting dreams. It is my desire that we increase the number of sportsmen and women. To promote sporting activities, I plan to:

  • Set aside some funds to facilitate the construction of professional training and sporting facilities to encourage the youth to take part in professional sports and to encourage them to train professionally;
  • Encourage the youths to engage in professional sports activities through bringing of the successful sports women/men to encourage them;
  • Encourage the participation in sporty activities through rewarding of those who are performing well;
  • Set aside funds for the rehabilitation of those fields that are already in existence; and
  • Encourage women to participate in sports activities.


Culture creates harmonious relationships in the society. To promote culture we will:

  • Organise for cultural days at least twice a year to allow the residents to appreciate their culture.
  • Set up cultural centre and museums, where the residents can show case their cultural activities and history, meant to be a tourism site hence generating income for the county.

Social Security

We intend to mobilise residents to increase savings for their future. This will be through cooperatives and individual contributions. Senior citizens will receive special attention on provision of welfare support . Efforts will be made to provide comprehensive medical care for all.