Governor Professor Hillary Barchok this week traversed the County to inspect and commission County Government projects during meet-the-people development tours of Kipsonoi and Ndanai (Sotik), Chebunyo (Chepalungu), Kimulot and Embomos (Konoin) and Chesoen (Bomet Central) wards. Speaking during the tours, Prof. Barchok reassured the residents of Bomet that his administration was committed to actualizing the transformative devolution dream. “Our main focus is to provide quality services and implement development projects that address the basic needs of our people” Prof. Barchok said. Education: The Governor commissioned Mosoriot and Cheloino ECDE classes in Kimulot Ward. Infrastructure: Governor Barchok commissioned Kamakitui road and inspected the Chebugon-Cheboyo Road (Chebunyo) and also the ongoing muramming of 15 km Chebugen Kusumek Road (Embomos) which will link Bomet and Nakuru counties. Health: Prof. Barchok commissioned Sibaiyan dispensary maternity wing in Chesoen ward which will also be equipped with medical personnel as well as infrastructural expansion. He also inspected Motiret Dispensary in Kipsonoi. Agiculture and Cooperatives: He inspected Motiret cooler (Kipsonoi). He also interacted with residents in Kapsosurwo, Kapolesobei, Duka Moja, Aonet, Gorgor, Rotu, Kapkilaibei, Makutano Junction, Kapkelei, Motiret, Kamakitui, Sachangwan, Cheboyo, Motiret, Kamakitui, Sachangwan and Sibaiyan