The world economy is rapidly being transformed into a knowledge and network economy. In this world, cutting edge innovation and knowledge are crucial for sustained competitiveness and profitability. It is for these reasons that the strategic partners place science and technology as a vital complementary strategy. The main aim of this strategy is to increase the visionary and innovative capacities of role – players and link these to the future market place.

This must lead to increased investment and use of the most advanced and recent products from research, training and extension systems. By implementing this strategy the sector endeavors to use primary research and relevant education programmes to promote new and strategically important technologies,(biotechnology, information, communication) and a range of value- adding technologies to extract future value. The latter will enhance the sustained competitiveness of country products in world markets and help to meet the stricter food safety requirements imposed by foreign countries:-

To this end, particular attention will be given to:

  • Promoting collaboration between the county, Universities Faculties of Agriculture, agribusinesses and other agricultural research institutions(i.e. KARI) to refocus on strategic priorities, innovation and adaptive research
  • Re-evaluate the funding basis to promote partnerships between agricultural research institutes, universities and the private sector

The high cost of acquiring technology could be overcome through joint ventures with the R&D and technology industry. Government’s leading role in this regard will include:

  • Ensuring that agricultural research efforts of the County, the Universities, and other agricultural research institutions are coordinated and focused on strategic priorities aimed at sustained competitiveness.
  • Ensuring that economic, social and environmental effects are taken into account in the development of new technologies
  • Fostering institutional rationalization within the agricultural research community where appropriate

Where possible facilitate or create linkages for agricultural research institutions’ access to financial resources