Bomet county government Chief Officer for Youth,Gender,Sports and Culture on 27.01.2018 led the Bomet County athletics team during the Counties Athletics Competition that was held at the Naivasha Stadium in Nakuru County. There were 5 categories in the event as follows; 1. 6km junior women- Bomet was position 3 out of 6 with 32 points 2. 8km junior men- Bomet emerged position 1 out of 6 with 18 points. 3. 10km senior women- emerged position 3 overall with 34 points. 4. 10km senior men- emerged position 4 overall with 66 points. 5. Mixed relay – emerged position 2. Six (6) athletes from Bomet County will be progressing to the National Championships to be held on 10/2/18 in Nairobi.