The County Government of Bomet, in collaboration with Nutrition International (NI), has been actively implementing the integrated Maternal, New-born Child, Adolescent Health and Nutrition (MNCAHN) model since the commencement of the financial year 2021/2022, through a joint financing model with the Department of Health and Medical Services.

This initiative follows the successful development and launch of the Bomet County Nutrition Plan. The plan has proven instrumental in mobilizing resources for health and nutrition interventions, ensuring sustained resource allocation for nutrition.

Nutrition International (NI) is currently assisting the County in formulating a Food and Nutrition Security Policy to intensify efforts in addressing malnutrition.

The ongoing two-day convention aims to sensitize Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) about the proposed policy. It seeks their insights and guidance in the policy development process, including financial commitments, to support the remaining steps in its finalization and launch.

The Bomet Multi-sectoral Food and Nutrition Security Policy is rooted in the recognition that enhancing nutrition plays a pivotal role in the comprehensive development of Bomet County.

This understanding stems from an extensive analysis of the nutritional landscape within the county, identifying various contributing factors necessitating the formulation of this policy. Key factors include high malnutrition rates, complex determinants of malnutrition, limited coordination, insufficient resources for nutrition, emerging health issues like a rise in non-communicable diseases, socio-economic impact of malnutrition, global and national commitments on nutrition, and community involvement.

Martha Nyagaya, the Country Director for Nutrition International, emphasized that the Bomet County Multi-sectoral Food and Nutrition Security Policy will represent a strategic response tailored to the distinct nutritional challenges confronting the county.

Dr. Joseph Sitonik, the CECM for Health, added that the policy will address the fundamental causes of malnutrition, prioritize coordination, proactively anticipate emerging health issues, and align with global and national commitments, paving the way for a healthier and more prosperous future for the residents of Bomet County.

The team expressed unanimous support for the policy, highlighting its potential to strengthen an enabling environment for food and nutrition security in Bomet County.

In attendance were Bomet County Speaker, County Executive Committee Members, MCAs, County Attorney, and various stakeholders.