Vocational Training has grown in leaps and bounds and Bomet County hasn’t been left behind in this transformational journey as the world moves towards technical training which offers students with hands-on skills and knowledge.

The CECM for Education, Youth, Sports and Vocational Training Hon Agnes Ngeno graced and presided over the inaugural graduation ceremony for Saramek VTC in Kongasis Ward, Chepalungu Sub-County, on behalf of Governor Prof Hillary Barchok, this afternoon.

This day marked a special moment for the Saramek VTC and the community, which has seen the college grow from makeshift polythene structures to modern buildings. A newly constructed Twin-workshop and administration block was commissioned at the institution by Hon Agnes Ngeno on behalf of Governor Prof Barchok.

Through the department of vocational training, the county government of Bomet has transformed the 33 VTCs across the county through construction of modern buildings, allocation of capitation funds, purchase of training equipment and learning materials as well as recruitment of qualified trainers.

Bomet County VTC students are also set to benefit from VTC Bursary and full scholarship programs which have been rolled out to help needy students.

Madam Agnes Ngeno congratulated  the graduands and called upon the community to send