Trade, Tourism and Industry

These sectors are vital spurring our economic growth. We intend to:

  • Support formation of SACCOs for small businesses like Jua kali;
  • Develop tourism sceneries, animal parks and botanical gardens;
  • Establish processing and manufacturing industries;
  • Increase trading activities by attracting investors;
  • Consider merit in awarding tenders and contracts; and
  • Acquire land and establish industrial parks at the urban centres
  • Develop Epz areas with cheap power supplies from our hydros , constant water supplies and other services to provide employment .
  • Provide credit and other support to SMEs.
  • Seek resources from the central government, and international partners to reticulate electricity in our county and further facilitate the Sale of Solar panels to light up our rural areas. Besides I intend to harness our water resources for hydroelectric power generation, as well as the wind power.

I will seek for cheaper loans from banks trading within our county for the sake of our financing the purchase of proper public transport buses. I will Endeavour to provide safe and reliable modes of transport for our people. In addition I will also find ways of utilising our resources for power generation.

I will establish proper communication channels to the county residents and development partners. This will assist in disseminating development issues and getting feedback from the public.

In addition, we will:

  • Ensure proper use of county roads;
  • Harness wind and water for power generation;
  • Ensure reliable supply of electricity to urban and rural areas;
  • Ensure all public transport vehicles observe sanity in discharging their services; and
  • Promote investment in ICT to increase trade and literacy