Water, Natural Resources and Environment

Bomet County has an average of 1100-1500 mm of rain annually, and an elevation of 1981 meters above sea level. We have several rivers traversing our country side. We must therefore seek to tap these resources and provide our community with clean drinking water Indeed our water resources are inexhaustible and we can construct dams on the high altitude areas . This means water will flow to our houses by gravity, hence cutting down the cost of water supply. There will be two pipelines parallel to each other for clean and irrigation water.

I plan to invest heavily in the county water system by piping and building of dams to benefit from water resources. These dams will also spur our economy if we sell its water to neighboring counties. We will also set up irrigation systems to increase agricultural production in all parts of the county. In addition, I plan develop fish farms along this water system.

A part from the aforementioned issues, I also plan to:

  • Ensure proper use of natural resources
  • Establish tree nurseries to facilitate tree-planting efforts
  • Support reforestation and protect all the naturals resources in the county
  • Establish soil conservation committees in all wards.

Jointly support regional authorities to promote conservation