Following the confirmation of the first case of the coronavirus disease on March, 12, 2020 in Kenya, the County Government of Bomet continues to monitor the spread of the disease and has activated its emergency preparedness and response mechanisms by:

  1. Setting up the County Emergency and Response team that will monitor the situation with a view to advising on county preparedness, prevention and coordination of response to the pandemic. The sensitization activities started as early as February 20, 2020.
  2. The County Department of Health has received personal protective equipment (PPEs) from the Ministry of Health to be used by health workers who will be handling suspected cases. More will be delivered in due course.
  3. The County Department of Health has identified isolation centers in various health facilities including; Longisa, Ndanai, Koiwa, Tenwek and Kaplong Hospitals. The County has set aside 112 isolation beds across the county to handle coronavirus disease.
  4. Emergency preparedness and response trainings on all the stakeholders are ongoing
  5. The County Emergency and Response team has conducted sensitization and simulations with the County and Subcounty Health Management Teams across the County. All the hotel staff working in the main hotels in the County have also been sensitized on the pandemic.

In line with the President’s directives on precautional measures to minimize the spread of Coronavirus disease, on March 15, 2020, I hereby issue the following advisories;

  1. Avoid congestions and public gatherings.
  2. All open-air market places have been suspended for the next thirty days.
  3. All recreational facilities such as night clubs and bars are hereby closed for the next thirty days. Restaurants and hotels are advised to strictly adhere to public health guidelines.
  4. Visits by members of the public to the county government offices are suspended for the next 30 days. However, the County Government will continue offering critical and essential services for instance, Security, Health, Water, Disaster, Finance, Agriculture and Livestock.
  5. All public participation, ward meetings and ward visits are hereby suspended.
  6. Hawking of food is now prohibited.
  7. Shaking of hands and hugging are discouraged. Maintain a social distance of at least 3 meters from one other.
  8. Residents are advised to wash hands thoroughly with soap and running water or use sanitizers.
  9. Members of the public are advised to identify and report persons who had recently travelled outside the country and county to the authorities using our emergency numbers.
  10. Members of the public are advised to postpone weddings, local Sacco meetings, fundraisings and any other public gatherings.
  11. Public transport operators including matatus, taxis and boda bodas should offer sanitizers.
  12. All County trainings and conferences are suspended with the exception of health workers trainings on COVID-19 until further notice.
  13. All ECDEs and Vocational Training Centers shall remain closed until further notice as directed by the President. Further, parents are discouraged from organizing private tuitions for their children.
  14. Management of various Hospitals should ensure that visiting of patients in Hospitals are restricted to one caretaker per visit.
  15. Public sensitization and updates will be carried out through the local FM radio stations from time to time.

Anyone who feels sick and exhibit symptoms such as high fever, sneezing or continuous coughing, is advised to visit the nearest health facility or call county hotline numbers 0748076706 or 0754166677.