The Nation Media Group in partnership with the County Government of Bomet will sponsor a digital conference in Bomet County on 7th – 8th September, 2023 at Bomet Green Stadium that will bring together ICT experts, youths, industry leaders and business enterprises key to embracing and leveraging on digital technology.

Bomet Digital Conference is a platform for collaboration and bringing together National and County Government to discuss opportunities and emphasize the role of technology in a digitized economy, promote talent and tap knowledge among the youth which spur enterprise development as National Government’s plan to construct a multi-billion software plant in Mulot.

A two day digital conference is also an avenue to implore ways of engaging the youth in digital platforms with the aim of turning them from cyber crimes. It will inspire youths to dive into the world of cutting-edge technology and digital transformation as expert insights, thought-provoking discussions and networking opportunities will elevate their digital journey.

The Theme for the event is “Accelerate Digital Transformation through Upskilling and Talent Development” bringing together youths to harness the power of technology to address pressing challenges and drive positive change. With the government Digital Superhighway and Creative Economy also equipping the youth with digital skills for digitally-enabled jobs, digital entrepreneurship etc.

Bomet County is known to have produced a high number of leading ICT professionals in the country who are in the corporate world and government hence there is a need to harness talents among the youth to leverage ICT skills so that they can effectively use the upcoming software factory in Mulot to create employment opportunities and improve their livelihoods.

In collaboration with the Nation Media Group and other stakeholders target to train youths at the Silibwet Film Hub on content development. This will ensure and provide enabling space to the youth for skills development and use of technology and creativity as well as provide them with a platform to source for online jobs and telling their stories through script writing, videography among others.

County Government of Bomet lead by Governor H.E Prof Hillary Barchok is committed in addressing the youth population issues such as high rate of unemployment through support in digital landscape. These efforts are geared towards adopting sustainable technology innovations that will create more impact on the livelihoods and create sustainable solutions through job creation for the young people in Bomet.

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