There exists a huge potential for tourism. Part of Bomet County is within the expansive Mau forest which is home to different tree species, wildlife and birds which can easily be exploited for tourism. There are also caves and waterfalls in Konoin, Bomet central, Bomet East and Chepalungu Sub-Counties along major rivers of Itare, Nyongores, Amalo and Chepkulo rivers.

Transmara forest, a section of Mau forest complex is within Bomet County and is home to rare animal species like Bongo, Giant forest hogs, Cooper tailed monkeys, Black and White Columbus monkeys, Elephants, Leopards, Buffalos and abundant birdlife. It is the only National reserve in the county and has all the potential to be a leading tourist attraction for the county.

The success of Bomet County as a tourist destination relies on a coordinated approach to the planning, development, management of it as a destination. The department works closely with other sector and agencies in promoting tourism activities in the County

Bomet County also attracts Visitors due to Modern Big Hotels which are Based in different locations.

List of Big Hotels

  1. Brevan Hotel : View Contact Details//View Direction
  2. The Fair Hills Hotel : View Contact Details
  3. Twiggs Hotel : View Contact Details
  4. Sharies Villas Restaurant: View Contact Details