Bomet Deputy Governor Dr. Hillary Barchok on July, 4th 2019 officially launched the Inua Mama na Kuku programme in Chemaner Ward, Bomet East sub-county.

The initiative, spearheaded by Her Excellency the Governor, Dr. Joyce Laboso, is a woman empowerment programme that targets 60 community based organizations (CBOs) across the county. Each CBO which comprises of 20 women self-help groups will be given between 500 and 700 chicks to rear for profit.

Chemaner will be the first Ward to benefit from the first batch of 2,500 of brown layer chicks from the county government of Bomet.

Speaking during the launch, Dr Barchok reiterated the government’s commitment to keep the programme sustainable, noting that structures have been put in place to support the venture.

“We are going to ensure that the extension officers together with county officials work closely with the beneficiaries to ensure adequate training is given to the group members on poultry keeping.” said Dr. Barchok.

The upcoming ECDE feeding programme will provide market for poultry products creating a sustainable market for the poultry products.

Besides facilitating easy access to market, the County Government plans to purchase incubators for breeding chicks on a large scale.

He informed the public about the county revolving fund introduced that is to be loaned to the county’s residents and is to be returned without interests

“The county has partnered with HELB to help the college and university students with loans. This loan is to be given to those who qualify and the needy. Students in primary and secondary schools that is being sponsored by the county has all their school fees cleared”