Bomet County Governor Prof. Hillary Barchok has launched the construction of new inpatient and maternity wings at three health facilities in the county, including Kapkoros Sub County Hospital, Silibwet Health Centre and Ndanai Sub County Hospital.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of these facilities was attended by local leaders, healthcare professionals and community members. Speaking at the event, Governor Barchok emphasized the importance of investing in healthcare infrastructure as a fundamental pillar of providing healthcare services to the people.

“The construction of these inpatient wards and maternity wings reflects our unwavering commitment to improving healthcare and ensuring that our people have access to essential medical services,” he stated.

“These facilities will not only expand our capacities to accommodate patients but will also provide specialized services to mothers and newborns, addressing the critical gaps in maternal and child health,” added the Governor.

Furthermore, Governor Barchok affirmed his administration’s commitment to prioritizing healthcare initiatives and ensuring equitable access to healthcare across the county.

“We will continue to explore innovative solutions and partnerships to further strengthen our healthcare system and address the evolving needs of our population,” he affirmed.

The new infrastructure projects will include modern amenities and state-of-the-art medical equipment, aligning with the county government’s vision of advancing healthcare standards. Additionally, the expansion of these healthcare facilities is expected to create more employment opportunities, hence contributing to socio-economic development.