The county government of Bomet took a significant step towards inclusive governance as it conducted a series of public participation sessions across all five sub-counties. Hosted by the Department of Finance, ICT and Economic Planning, these sessions provided a platform for residents to engage in discussions regarding the budget estimates for the  2024/2025 financial year.

From the bustling streets of Bomet East to the serene landscape of Konoin, residents actively participated in the deliberations, voicing their concerns, aspirations, and suggestions for the county budget allocations, shedding light on the key areas that require improvement in the budget across various departments.

The attendance proved the significance of public input in shaping the county’s financial priorities. Residents highlighted infrastructure development, healthcare services, education, agriculture, and youth empowerment as focal points for resource allocation.

During the session at St. Bhakita, Director in Charge of Budget, Mr. Ronald Kipngeno stated that soliciting feedback directly from grassroots level aims to foster a sense of ownership among residents in the decision-making process. “It’s heartening to see the community actively engaging in budget planning sessions; your insight and perspective are invaluable in ensuring that our budgetary sessions align with the needs and priorities of the people we serve,” he stated.

The participants commended the county government for efforts in involving them in matters that directly impact their lives and giving them power to contribute to the development of the county, which ensures that resources are judiciously allocated to address the most pressing needs and achieve sustainable development goals.

Public participation exercises are conducted in accordance with the provision of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Article 220(2) regarding the preparation of the budget by the county government. Future reference is made to Article 201 on the principles and framework of public finance management.