The Governor

H.E.Hon. Prof Hillary Barchok

Message from the Governor

As we continue to come to terms with the untimely demise of our late governor Dr. Joyce Laboso, I wish to assure the Honourable people of Bomet County, all Kenyans and our development partners that we are focused on delivering on the development agenda set by Her Excellency.

On my part, I will implement the manifesto to the letter, especially in areas relating to provision of clean water, improved agricultural practices, education for all, better health care services, roads and infrastructure, empowerment of women, youths and people with disabilities, and also adhere to good governance and accountability.

I will offer servant leadership; working in consultation with the entire elected Bomet County leadership and foster harmonious working relationship with the National Government, development partners and leaders to roll out development projects to benefit all the people at the grassroots.

As we march forward to transform Bomet into an economic power house in the region and beyond, we will adopt sound economic policies as guided by the Seven Pillar Manifesto.

Poverty Eradication

We will leverage on the strengths of our rich agricultural lands and hardworking people to ensure that we are food secure as a county.

Bomet county has the largest acreage of tea in Kenya and thus the tea sector is a core economic foundation for the county. We will engage all our stakeholders in this sector to have an honest discussion on pricing, quality, management, infrastructure and marketing to maximize on the benefits of this sector.

As a dairy county, we have set a target to produce 200 million litres of milk annually. We are already partnering with our farmers in a comprehensive approach to strengthen this sector through modern farming practices and improving animal breeds. The farmers are already benefiting from subsidized AI services. The dairy cooperative networks are being strengthened through the support of the county government.

So far, we have installed 27 milk cooling plants across the County and purchased 50 motorcycles to enhance access to veterinary and extension services in all wards.


On Roads and Infrastructure, we have embarked on a comprehensive roads programme that has seen the opening up, grading and murraming of over 700 kilometers of roads in all our wards across the county.

We will continue to expand our roads network to facilitate easy movement of people and agricultural produce.

We have invested in our markets in Bomet, Mulot and Mogogosiek and informal sectors.

We have erected 76 Bodaboda shades, constructed 40 shoe-shiners shades, completed 11 Juakali shades and installed 46 floodlight units across the county.

In our efforts to empower women, youth and persons living with disabilities, we intend to distribute over 50,000 chicks to 60 CBOs in the County in the first year, under the Inua Mama na Kuku programme.

Further, I intend to operationalize the Bomet Enterprise Development Fund once it is passed by the County Assembly. This will ensure that our business community has access to affordable financing.

Access to healthcare

A healthy population is a key foundation for a healthy, growing economy. We will develop and build a strong health system that is responsive to the needs of our people.

We will ensure that over 10,000 vulnerable households that were identified for the County Universal Health Coverage (UHC) benefit from this subsidy programme. It is our desire to see that every resident of Bomet and all Kenyans get access to affordable health care.

Plans to roll out the 250 bed capacity Ultra-Modern Mother and Child Wellness Center legacy project have started in earnest.

Access to clean water

We intend to increase the connection of clean water to more households from the current 14,000 through Bomet Water Company.

In this financial year, we will complete the acquisition of a borehole drilling machine. We will excavate more water pans particularly in our drier zones so we can harvest water and protect our water springs.

Through partnership with the National Irrigation Board (NIB), we intend to construct more than 100 water pans in the first phase of the four-year project.


Bomet has 179 operational modern ECDs with an intention to construct 500 ECDs by 2022 as set out in our manifesto.

The county government of Bomet continues to support needy students in secondary schools and universities through provision of bursaries and scholarships.

As such, we recently launched county education revolving fund – a partnership with HELB to manage a fund supporting needy students in colleges and universities.

In the first year, the government committed Kshs 30 million and intends to grow the fund to Kshs 100 million by 2022.

Our revenue collection has tremendously increased from 166 Million in 2016/17 when we came in to 210 Million in 2018/19. This can be attributed to the prudent management of resources. Further, the automation of revenue collection has become operational.

Good Governance, Accountability and Inclusivity

I want to remind the county staff that performance in our respective duties will be our key focus. Every department must meet their set performance targets as per the signed performance contracts.

In the spirit of transparency and accountability, this government will entrench good governance and integrity when delivering services to the public. I take cognizance of the fact that corruption undermines the democratic values and institutions and hampers economic and social development in a society.

I wish to remind all staff that they must take upon themselves to deliver services to the public with humility and high standards of integrity.

Lastly, I wish to call for unity of purpose amongst the elected Bomet County elected leadership, staff, development partners and well-wishers to enable us complete all the development projects that we have initiated.

Let us soldier on together as a team, and make Bomet a beacon of hope in this region and beyond.

God Bless Kenya!

God Bless Bomet!